At the Dawn

Once upon a time, a goddess fell in love with a warrior.

The goddess was the daughter of the Sun, the lady of stars who watched over the world in the night with her father the Moon. The warrior was brave and kind, and fought to protect his people from the savage tribes of the north.

They were very happy together, until one day, the warrior fell in battle. In grief, the goddess flung herself from the sky to scour the enemy lands with her wrath, and to curse their children.

When the warrior’s time came to be reborn, the goddess descended to earth and became flesh. Forced to forsake her memories by the other gods, for they would allow her access to divine power mortals should not possess, she set out into the world to find the man she loved.

In every age they sought each other, each time braving the dangers of the world and the jealousy of other gods. Many times they were separated early, for the sake of defending the world they both loved so much.

And in one age, they faced the complete destruction of their world together.

(Picture Credit: Pixabay)